Projector Screen Material - Front, Rear and High-Contrast

Screen Material Frame Clips
Screen Material Frame Clips
Projectors Screen Material Frame Clips Screen Material Frame Clips View Full Size SKU: SMFC-20 $39.99 Quantity This is a pack of 20 heavy-duty frame clips. These clips have been specially made to hold and stretch projection screen material in conjunction with rope or bungee cords. This is a better alternative to staples or grommets and are great for outdoor viewing. These clips work with our material without damaging it. The clips have been specially designed to increase their grip the harder they are pulled on. They are also equipped with a "fast release" mechanism. In short they make for an error free way of framing your new screen where if you make a mistake with staples, you have to live with it. On larger screens of 120" of larger we suggest that you use a backing and glue to avoid waves in the screen (see Frame Directions). Shipping on this product in the US is $9.99. Please add an additional $10.00 shipping fee for all Canadian orders. We will also need a phone number for any Canadian orders. All other countries, please contact us before ordering.

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