Projector Screen Material - Front, Rear and High-Contrast

Black Velvet Border Tape - 4.5"
Black Velvet Border Tape - 4.5"
This is a 35-foot roll of black velvet tape. While this tape has many uses we have made this especially for use as a projection screen border. The tape has a heavy-duty adhesive back especially designed for applying to projection screen material. This will truly add the professional finish to any homemade screen while framing the picture perfectly. We have always received e-mails about where to find or how to make a black velvet border for screens. While most people have tried unsuccessfully to make their own using velvet cloth, it just hasn’t been up to par with the professional screens. After a long and unsuccessful search for a manufacturer that could supply us with such a tape, we have decided to manufacture ourselves a 3-inch black velvet tape that will allow people to have a perfectly straight and smooth border around their screen. Shipping on this product in the US is $9.99. Please add an additional $10.00 shipping fee for all Canadian orders. We will also need a phone number for any Canadian orders. All other countries, please contact us before ordering.

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